Nino – The Untouched Drum Live in London


Nino, described by the BBC as ‘The young Ghanaian contemporary opera singer challenging global perceptions’ will be performing his favourite Opera arias on Saturday the 17th October 2015 at KLM Centre, 117 Bruce Grove, N17 6UR, London.

Nino’s twist on the traditional opera style has won favour with many and touted him as the one to watch. Speaking on his upcoming performance, he states:

“The UK is a very special place for me that is where I actually discovered my singing Opera’s greatest hit -NESSUN DORMA”

Nino’s musical journey began from childhood within a society where Classical/Opera music was not well appreciated. Despite this background, he began singing Opera from home by listening to pieces from few collections his father had at that point in time. Without any formal Operatic Training, Nino taught himself as he felt some sense of belonging to this type of genre. Learning to sing in Spanish, Italian, French and other languages was a great challenge but this young Talent pursued his passion regardless.

nino2At age 18, He started singing Classical Music by Handle Messiah and composed his first classical song at age 22. Nino is truly talented and unique and the night guarantees to be an impressive one.

The event is free and will be filled with live music from other artists such as: Kingdom Praise Choir, Queen Patience, Jean and many more. We urge you all to support this majestic talent.

“I cannot wait to hear the sound of an Untouched Drum myself”- Nino


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