Volunteers Needed For GUBA Foundation Fundraising Event

The GUBA Foundation’s Infant Mortality Fundraising event will be held on the 19th of December 2015  at the Greenwich town hall in Woolwich.

GUBA Foundation is in need of Volunteers for its Sing Out Competition to raise money to support Ghana’s maternity wards with hospital equipment and incubators.

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Volunteers will be required at the Greenwich Town Hall for 11:30am,  the show ends at 10pm so volunteering will take place for the whole day and Refreshments will be provided.

You will be volunteering in a number of roles, this will be a great opportunity to support your community, be part of the GUBA Family and also to meet new people.

If you are available Saturday 19th December then please email your name and contact details to amma@gubafoundation.org or Shirley@gubafoundation.org

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