GUBA Awards 2023 are excited to partner with Caveman.  A Ghanaian watch brand established on 12th December 2018 by Founder and CEO Mr. Anthony Mensah Dzamefe. After 5years of establishing himself as Ghana’s finest corporate watch retailer and repairer with his first enterprise known as TimepieceGh. He accumulated massive experience and in-depth knowledge of watchmaking and the global horology industry in that time and decided to take the bold step of challenging the status quo and creating a watch brand that will be the first of its kind in Ghana and Africa.

The name CAVEMAN was chosen to portray the symbiotic relationship between the vintage methods possessed in the crafts of the archaeological CAVEMAN and that of the modern craftsman. You would find this symbolism in all aspects of our processes including hand assembling, handcrafting and the use of the finest natural sustainable raw materials to ensure originality, creativity and undiluted quality similar to the crafts of the Cavemen of old.

When Caveman watches hit the ground running the brand was embraced and supported by Ghanaians and Africa as a whole. In less than a year of establishment, Caveman Watches quickly gained the attention of the NEW YORK TIMES

Caveman has solidified its spot as Ghana’s first watchmaking brand and as a domineering player in this new African industry of Horology created by Mr. Anthony Dzamefe. They also have a firm presence in the Nigerian market due to our ambassadorial deal with Don Jazzy who happens to be one of Nigeria’s biggest brand influencers.

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