Project Manager

Christine Addy

Project Manager

About Our Project Manager

Christine Addy was first introduced to the GUBA family in 2010 after working as a volunteer at renounced Screen Nation Awards. Christine first joined GUBA as part of the production team before taking the role of Chairman in 2011. Since then Christine has headed the 15 strong team along side the vice chairman to steer GUBA projects and implement each of the vital elements of the awards that makes it what it is today.

Christine continues to also head the event production team along side the events team. As with most members of the GUBA team , her role is shared with her full time job in housing and other rising project one which is the The ARC UK Event Management Service.

In 2013 Christine finally completed her postgraduate degree in events management. I literally fell in love with GUBA concept when I first met the team way back in 2010 and although the team has changed slightly the concept remains the same. When I came onto the team I never would of imaged that I would be Chairing the team this just shows how much I was inspired by Dentaa’s vision I am proud Ghanaian and I get excited about meeting new individuals, new business, rising entrepreneurs that are flying the Ghanaian flag. I’ve been doing this for almost 5 years and working with the GUBA team has been amazing, their passion their hard work has made GUBA what it is today.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity I was given.