Womex 2013, Calling All Artists!

Jacob Crawfurd

The World Music Expo- WOMEX is an international platform for artists all over the world to showcase their music to the masses. The UNESCO Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity describes it as “The most important international professional market of world music of every kind

This international fair brings together professionals from the worlds of folk, roots, ethnic and traditional music. Since its commencement in 2009, this annual expo brings you a showcase of concerts, film/documentaries conferences and festivals.

This year, Womex will be taking place between 23rd and 27th October in Cardiff, Wales.

As an international platform, WOMEX’s emphasis is focused on helping newcomers break into the international music and mainstream market. Womex features a wide variety of artists and filmmakers from across the world provides a fantastic networking platform for all.

If you have an interest in music, film/documentary or DJ’ing then this event is for you!

To submit your proposal for Womex 2013, sign up with Sonicbids and begin creating your EPK at www.sonicbids.com/womex2013 .The EPK is where artists store everything they need to present themselves: music, photos, biography.  You will also need the following

  • Biography (100 words)
  • Discography
  • Five songs in MP3 format (up to 25 MB upload possible)
  • Photos
  • A complete stage plan (not in EPK, but in questionnaire section)
  • Full technical rider, including backline (not in EPK, but in questionnaire section)
  • Selected press reviews or other text info (if available)
  • Links to artist-related online content (YouTube, Facebook etc.)
  • Full instrumentation (no video upload needed)

If selected by the Jury, you will get the chance of a lifetime to play in front of the largest audience of international world music concert and festival bookers. In addition to that you will have access to labels, distributors, journalists and industry professionals who will help you to launch, re-launch, sustain and expand your career.

For DJs with an interest in world music who would like to be involved, please email (showcase@womex.com) to be in with the chance of performing at the largest international world music concert.

Yannis Psathas

The application fee is $30 (USD) and is inclusive of a 6 month free membership with Sonicbids. Do hurry however, because the deadline for proposals is midnight on Friday the 12th Of April 2013.

 For more information, visit: http://www.womex.com/

 This is a fantastic opportunity for musicians, DJs and filmmakers to get a head start in their careers. GUBA will like to encourage all those interested, to take up this wonderful opportunity and to spread the word to others. Womex 2013 will be a world music, film and documentary expo and DJ extravaganza like no other.

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